Frequently Asked Questions


All the services on are 100% safe, We have been worked with hundred of social media profiles since the last 6 months without getting any issue.

Dmister Panel is ready to receive your order(s) at any time.

Please send us your username to get 3$ on your account, Our telegram is @DmisterServices

Usually there is no any drops on the orders even after long time (Few months or so). But, in the worst case, the drop rate is less than 5%.

Test balance is a free balance (example 3$) that we add it to newly registered users to try out the services and see how it works.

Twitter Giveaway Boost a category name, you can explore different services on this category, 1000 quantity on giveaway boost services means 1000 likes and 1000 retweets and 1000 comments.

Since we are on the NFT niche , we are accepting crypto at moment, We may add other payment methods in the future.

Custom comments can be :

  • Text comments
  • Emoji comments
  • Tags
  • Mix of the above
  • .. etc
You can write them, Also you can get some comments ideas from comment generator (releasing soon).